In welcher Folge tippt Sasuke Sakura auf die Stirn?

In welcher Folge tippt Sasuke Sakura auf die Stirn?

Naruto Shippuden – Staffeln 16-23 (337-500) Folge 481 – Sasuke · Sakura.

In welcher Episode küssen sich Naruto und Sasuke?

Heute wollen wir aber noch einmal einen Blick auf die Anfänge der Reihe werfen: Wir präsentieren euch den ersten Kuss von Naruto und Sasuke, der in der dritten Episode, die im Jahr 2002 ausgestrahlt wurde, zu sehen war.

In welcher Folge küssen sich Naruto und Sasuke das zweite Mal?

In dieser Episode küssen sich Sasuke und Naruto versehentlich zum zweiten Mal….Verschiedenes.

Episode 176: Aller Anfang ist schwer Episode 187: Gen-Jutsu für Anfänger (1)
Episode 183: Ein Nieser mit Folgen Episode 194: Eine innige Verbindung
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In welcher Folge küsst Sasuke Sakura auf die Stirn?

Folge 61 vom 23.04.2021 | Naruto Shippuden | Staffel 3 | RTL+

In welcher Episode küssen sich Hinata und Naruto?

Episode: Küssen verboten!

Wer war Narutos zweiter Kuss?

Da Naruto in einer Lage ist, in der er sich nicht wehren kann, will Fuuka ihn erneut küssen.

Do Sakura and Sasuke end up together?

Sasuke and Sakura, both members of the original Team 7, ended up marrying each other. However, unlike Naruto and Hinata’s relationship development, there wasn’t much shown in their case.

Did Sakura and Sasuke get married in Boruto?

While there are not any scenes about their marriage, there is a photo displayed in Boruto episode 21, which is a small hint to their wedding. It is assumed that Sakura and Sasuke got married during their travels together. Soon after, Sakura gave birth to a daughter named Sarada.

Is Sasuke in love with his wife?

While Sasuke does love his wife, he still has his duties to fulfill towards the village and the Shinobi world. In fact, this might even be his way of keeping his family safe and away from all the chaos that follows him.

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What is the significance of Sasuke and Sarada?

Sarada symbolized the restoration of his clan and Sasuke’s love for Sakura. After she was born, they lived together as a normal family for a couple of years before Sasuke left home for an important mission that would take him away from his family for years.