Wann ist Hugo Capet geboren?

Wann ist Hugo Capet geboren?


NAME Hugo Capet
KURZBESCHREIBUNG König von Frankreich (987–996)
GEBURTSDATUM 940 oder 941
STERBEDATUM 24. Oktober 996

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What is the Capetian dynasty?

The Capetian dynasty, also known as the House of France was founded by Hugh Capet. It is among the largest and oldest royal houses in Europe and the world and ruled the Kingdom of France from 987 to 1328. The dynasty had a crucial role in the formation of the French state.

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What happened to the deniers during the Capetian dynasty?

The dynasty of Hugh Capet (987–996) made no immediate change in the previous Carolingian coinage system: deniers and their halves, the oboles, continued, but tended to decline in fineness. Feudal deniers began to appear in abundance beyond Capet’s kingdom of north central France; the most important…

Why was the Capetian dynasty important to the French Revolution?

Their rule had a substantial influence on modern French government. The founder of the Capetian dynasty, Hugh Capet, was elected King of the Franks in 987 in Paris. His territory was not wide, but over time his descendants increased their holdings until they spread throughout Europe.

Who are some famous people from the Capetian dynasty?

Over their nearly millennium-long involvement in French and European politics, there have been many notable members of this royal family, including Louis IX (“Saint Louis”), who ruled from 1226 to 1270. He was known as one of the most devout Catholic rulers and is the only member of the Capetian dynasty to be canonized.

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