Was geschah mit Christopher Reeve?

Was geschah mit Christopher Reeve?

Am 10. Oktober 2004 starb Reeve im Alter von 52 Jahren, nachdem er einen Tag zuvor einen Herzstillstand erlitten hatte und ins Koma gefallen war.

Was macht Christopher Reeve heute?

Der US-Schauspieler Christopher Reeve ist im Alter von 52 Jahren gestorben. Der „Superman“-Darsteller war seit einem Reitunfall vor neun Jahren vom Hals abwärts gelähmt. Er erlitt am Samstag überraschend einen Herzstillstand und fiel später ins Koma.

Wann ist Christopher Reeve gestorben?

10. Oktober 2004
Christopher Reeve/Sterbedatum

How old was Christopher Reeve when he died?

Christopher Reeve (1952–2004) Actor | Producer | Miscellaneous Crew. Christopher D’Olier Reeve was born September 25, 1952, in New York City, to journalist Barbara Johnson (née Barbara Pitney Lamb) and writer/professor F.D. Reeve (Franklin D’Olier Reeve).

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What is the name of the movie with Christopher Reeve as pilot?

The Aviator (1985 film) Jump to navigation Jump to search. 1985 American adventure film directed by George T. Miller. The Aviator is a 1985 American aviation adventure drama film starring Christopher Reeve and Rosanna Arquette, directed by George T. Miller.

What was Christopher Reeve’s directorial debut?

In 1997, Reeve made his directorial debut with the HBO film In the Gloaming with Robert Sean Leonard, Glenn Close, Whoopi Goldberg, Bridget Fonda, and David Strathairn. The film won four Cable Ace Awards and was nominated for five Emmy Awards including „Outstanding Director for a Miniseries or Special“.

What did Christopher Reeve do to help the environment?

Beginning in the 1980s, Reeve was an activist for environmental and human-rights causes and for artistic freedom of expression. After the accident, he lobbied for spinal cord injury research, including human embryonic stem cell research, and for better insurance coverage for people with disabilities.

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