Who is Howard Hawks?

Who is Howard Hawks?

Howard Winchester Hawks (May 30, 1896 – December 26, 1977) was an American film director, producer and screenwriter of the classic Hollywood era. Critic Leonard Maltin called him „the greatest American director who is not a household name.“

What kind of movies did Howard Hawks make?

Worked in a plethora of genres over the course of his career, including westerns, screwball comedies, film noirs, action/adventures, period epics, war dramas, racing films, science-fiction, and gangster pictures. His son, Peter John Ward Hawks, was born to wife Athole on July 31, 1924, and adopted by Howard in 1928.

How many times did Howard Hawks get married?

Howard Hawks With Slim Keith and dog. Howard Hawks was married three times: to actress Athole Shearer, sister of Norma Shearer, from 1928 to 1940; to socialite and fashion icon Slim Keith from 1941 to 1949; and to actress Dee Hartford from 1953 to 1960. Hawks had two children with Shearer, Barbara and David.

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Who was brother Kenneth Hawks?

Brother Kenneth Hawks was born in 1898, and was looked after by young Howard. However, Howard resented the birth of the family’s next son, William B. Hawks, in 1902, and offered to sell him to a family friend for ten cents.

What happened to Walter Hawks after WW1?

Bored by this work, Hawks attempted to secure a transfer during the first half of 1918 and was eventually sent to Fort Monroe, Virginia. The Armistice was signed in November of that year, and Hawks was discharged as a Second Lieutenant without having seen active duty. After the war, Hawks was eager to return to Hollywood.

What are some of the stories that Hawks tells?

One story Hawks tells is that the director of a Mary Pickford film Hawks was working on, A Little Princess (1917), became too inebriated to continue working, so Hawks volunteered to direct a few scenes himself. However, it’s not known whether his offer was taken up, or whether this was just one more of his tall tales.

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