Wie alt wurde der Schauspieler Robert Mitchum?

Wie alt wurde der Schauspieler Robert Mitchum?

79 Jahre (1917–1997)
Robert Mitchum/Alter zum Todeszeitpunkt

Wie groß ist Robert Mitchum?

1,85 m
Robert Mitchum/Größe

Hatte Robert Mitchum Kinder?

James Mitchum
Christopher MitchumTrini Mitchum
Robert Mitchum/Kinder

Wann ist Robert Mitchum geboren?

6. August 1917
Robert Mitchum/Geburtsdatum

Wann ist Robert Mitchum gestorben?

1. Juli 1997
Robert Mitchum/Sterbedatum

Robert Charles Durman Mitchum (* 6. August 1917 in Bridgeport, Connecticut; † 1. Juli 1997 in Santa Barbara, Kalifornien) war ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler, der zwischen 1942 und 1995 in über 120 Kinofilmen mitwirkte und auch in einigen Fernsehproduktionen zu sehen war.

How old was Robert Mitchum when his sister died?

Early lifeEdit. His older sister, Annette (known as Julie Mitchum during her acting career), was born in 1914. Their father James Mitchum was crushed to death in a railyard accident in Charleston, South Carolina, in February 1919, when Robert was less than two years old and Annette was not yet five.

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How did George Mitchum become so famous?

Mitchum’s roles in movies like 1955’s “Night of the Hunter” and 1962’s “Cape Fear” established him as one of Hollywood’s first anti-heroes, and his hard-partying personal life contributed to his rakish reputation.

What was David Mitchum’s role in Rachel and the stranger?

Rachel and the Stranger (1948) featured Mitchum in a supporting role as a mountain man competing for the hand of Loretta Young, the indentured servant and wife of William Holden. In the film adaptation of John Steinbeck ’s novella The Red Pony (1949), he appeared as a trusted cowhand to a ranching family.

How old is Dorothy Spence Mitchum now?

Dorothy Spence Mitchum, Wife of Actor Robert Mitchum for 57 Years, Dead at 94. Dorothy Spence Mitchum, the wife of actor Robert Mitchum for 57 years, died Saturday at a hospice facility in Santa Barbara.