Wie stark ist Sasuke?

Wie stark ist Sasuke?

Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha ♂
Alter: Teil 1: 12–13 Jahre
Teil 2: 16–17 Jahre
Größe: Teil 1: 150,8–153,2 cm
Teil 2: 168 cm

Wie groß ist Jugo Naruto?


Jūgo ♂
Größe: Teil 2: 202,1 cm
Gewicht: Teil 2: 75,8 kg
Blutgruppe: AB
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Warum will Sasuke Naruto töten?

Er wollte mit Team Takka ganz Konohagakure töten nur weil die ältesten eine weise Entscheidung getroffen haben und zwar den Uchiha-Clan auszuschalten. Jetzt hat er vor alle Einwohner in Konohagakure zu töten….

Wie groß ist Juugo?


Dorf/Land: Otogakure
Größe: 202,1 cm
Gewicht: 75,8 kg
Blutgruppe: AB

How did Sasuke recruit Suigetsu and judo?

Jūgo and Suigetsu caught by Sasuke’s snakes. After defeating Orochimaru, and recruiting Suigetsu and Karin, Sasuke travelled to Orochimaru’s Northern Hideout, to recruit Jūgo. Initially unwilling to join forces with Sasuke, Jūgo tapped into his ability, but was then frightened to release it after sensing Sasuke’s killer intent.

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Why did Jūgo move in front of Sasuke?

Moving almost instinctively, Jūgo moved in front of Sasuke until the situation was quelled by Hashirama. When Sasuke decides to aid the Allied Shinobi Forces after hearing Hashirama’s story, Jūgo accompanies Sasuke to the area of the battlefield where Sasuke’s former team-mates are.

Who is Jūgo in Naruto?

Jūgo | Narutopedia | Fandom Jūgo (重吾, Jūgo) is a shinobi from an unnamed clan, who was being held at Orochimaru’s Northern Hideout. He was said to have gone to Orochimaru of his own free will, hoping that Orochimaru would cure him of his rages. He was later recruited as a member of Sasuke Uchiha’s group Taka, which was…

Why did Suigetsu break Jūgo out of his prison cell?

Suigetsu breaking Jūgo out of his prison cell. As the war was being waged, Suigetsu and Jūgo escape their cell in the Land of Iron, having taken care of the guards, and stating that security had gotten looser. Jūgo thinks they should look for Sasuke, but settles for helping Suigetsu find his sword. They also decide they should look for Karin.

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