Wird ranma wieder ein Junge?

Wird ranma wieder ein Junge?

Sofern er nun in Kontakt mit kaltem Wasser kommt verwandelt er sich in ein Mädchen, und somit auch, wenn er mit heißem Wasser in Berührung kommt verwandelt er sich wieder in einen Jungen zurück.

Wie alt ist ranma?

Handlung. Im Mittelpunkt der Serie steht der 16-jährige Ranma Saotome, ein talentierter Kampfkünstler.

Wie viele ranma Filme gibt es?

Es gibt zwar 3 Filme von Ranma 1/2, allerdings wurden leider nur 2 davon bei uns veröffentlicht, bleibt abzuwarten, ob wir je den 3.

Wie viele Folgen ranma 1 2 gibt es?

Ranma 1/2, Japan 1989-1992, 161 Folgen (in Deutschland nur 80 Folgen)

Who is Akane in Ranma 2?

Akane Tendo (天道 あかね Tendō Akane?) is the leading female and deuteragonist of Ranma ½. She is the youngest of Soun Tendo ’s three daughters and one of the heirs to the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts.

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Are Ranma Saotome and Akane Tendo engaged?

This page describes the romantic and most notable relationship between Ranma Saotome and Akane Tendo throughout the manga and anime series. Ranma and Akane are engaged to each other because of a long-standing agreement between their fathers.

Did Soun blackmail Akane into marrying Ranma?

While it is evident that Soun had partially blackmailed her by warning her he had stolen Ranma’s cure and would not give it to Ranma unless he and Akane were wed, she was also enthusiastic about the idea herself, although she didn’t actually say this to Ranma.

What happened to Genma and Ranma?

During their training there, Genma fell into a cursed spring, which gave him a giant panda curse. Unlike Ranma, he doesn’t have much trouble with his curse, especially because he can get away from his problems in his panda form. He and Ranma eventually return to Japan to fulfill an arranged marriage between Ranma and Akane to keep the school going.

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